PGA Junior League at Castlewoods

PGA Junior League golf is designed to bring a “little league” experience to the game your kids can play for a lifetime. Beginning February 1, 2017, registration is open for boys and girls age 13 and under.  It is $150 to participate in the league. Hit to register.  Our Castlewoods juniors who sign up receive:



  • Team Jerseys, golf balls, and PGA-JLG bag tags
  • 6 league 9-hole competitions at area golf courses
  • Instruction from Kyle Boteler and Chip Sullivan, PGA weekly team practices
  • Opportunity for advancement and all-star teams
  • Access to customized website homepage for our PGA JLG standings and stats
  • End of season awards cook-out



It is a fun team scramble format for all players of every skill level. All participants get to play in every competition.


Player Proficiency


ADVANCED SKILLS NOT REQUIRED! Players must have access to a set of golf clubs. If your child can drive, chip, or putt, we have a role for them on our team!


The deadline for registration is March 1st. 


The PGA JLG regular season runs from April through the end of June. The postseason is played in August, with the regional championship in September.


Simply visit the PGA Junior Golf website, and click on the “parents” link. At the bottom of page you’ll see a designated “Register Today” field. Click it and the site will prompt you through registration.


We look forward to seeing your kids on the course! If you would Iike more information, please feel free to call PGA Director of Golf  Chip Sullivan at 601-992-1942.